Trendsetting Thai: Innovating Consumer Goods for a Global Market


A consortium of leading Thai consumer goods manufacturers, known for their dynamic market presence and innovative products, sought Eurogroup Consulting’s expertise to elevate their brands on the global stage. The aim was to harness Thailand’s unique cultural heritage and natural resources to innovate and differentiate their products in the competitive international market.


Despite having strong domestic market performances, the consortium members faced challenges in scaling their operations internationally. These included navigating diverse consumer preferences, meeting stringent international standards and regulations, and effectively competing with global brands. Additionally, there was a need to leverage digital marketing and e-commerce platforms more effectively to reach global consumers.


Eurogroup Consulting crafted a comprehensive strategy focused on product innovation, brand storytelling, and digital transformation. The plan emphasized the development of unique products that leveraged Thailand’s rich cultural and natural heritage, incorporating sustainable practices and innovative packaging solutions. A global branding and marketing campaign was designed to showcase the unique value proposition of Thai products, supported by a robust digital presence to enhance global reach and consumer engagement.


The consultancy initiated the project with market research to identify trends and preferences in key international markets. Collaborative workshops were held with the consortium members to foster innovation and share best practices in product development and sustainability. Eurogroup Consulting facilitated partnerships with digital marketing experts to revamp the consortium’s online presence and e-commerce strategies. Pilot launches of new products and marketing campaigns were conducted in select markets to gauge consumer response and refine the approach.


To sustain growth and build a strong international presence, Eurogroup Consulting advised continuous investment in research and development to keep the product offerings innovative and aligned with global trends. Strengthening the supply chain and establishing strategic partnerships with international distributors were recommended to ensure efficient market penetration. The consultancy also emphasized the importance of engaging with global consumers through social media and content marketing to build brand loyalty and advocacy.

Engagement ROI

The strategic initiatives led to a significant increase in the international visibility and sales of Thai consumer goods, with the consortium members successfully entering new markets and establishing a loyal customer base. The focus on product innovation and sustainability resonated with global consumers, setting the consortium’s brands apart from competitors. The enhanced digital marketing efforts increased online engagement and e-commerce sales, further driving the international expansion. Through this transformative project, the consortium not only cemented Thailand’s reputation as a producer of innovative and high-quality consumer goods but also demonstrated the potential of leveraging cultural heritage and sustainability as key differentiators in the global market.